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          1. 小曼IN学院-一面墙,一种生活,一种情调
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            Walls, as one of the important elements that determine the tone of the home, what needs to be done to achieve the best results? With the continuous improvement of people's consumption habits and the upgrading of home improvement building materials, consumers are no longer satisfied with the traditional white wall.


            Nowadays, more and more consumers are considering or adopting the method of wall-mounted tiles. After designing and matching, they present various popular styles in the home and realize the upgrade of the user experience.



            Compared with the plane bricks, the three-dimensional abrasive bricks are more diverse and expressive. The rich product colors are used in the space, which increases the layering of the space and enriches the space beauty, bringing a modern beauty.


            巴黎印象 | RA3662+RA3663| 300x600mm


            ROMANTIC "Paris Impression" is a product with the most stone culture charm. It has a sense of lines and a sense of three-dimensionality. The two colors are used in the same space, and they are graceful and stylish.


            丹青 | RK3882+RK3882-A | 300x800mm


            The “Danqing” series is based on the Chinese Danqing ink paintings. It is integrated into the Chinese culture of the ink culture. It is made of black, white, gray and other elegant glazes. It uses the common geometric figures of the West and is developed with modern three-dimensional abrasive ceramics. The artistic space created by Danqing Decoration not only inherits the essence of traditional art, but also blends the charm of contemporary trends.


            荷塘月色 | RQ3841+RQ3842 | 300x800mm


            With the beauty of the lotus pond moonlight, the bright moonlight beauty, ROMANTIC "Hollywood Moonlight", the brick texture is like a piece of lotus flower petals, layered and spread out, the intertwined phantom adds a bit of artistic color to life. Achieve elegant art.


            意大利白 | RD93603B | 360x900mm


            The 360x900mm industry's unique specifications, "Italian White" is inspired by the Italian precious jade, like the white snow on the river surface, with the reflection of light and shadow with the reflection of sunlight, adding a sense of jumping and moving.



            The simple atmosphere and infinitely extended visual effects brought by large-size ceramic tiles have quietly spread the power in the trend of world home decoration, becoming the first choice for the background wall of high-end space such as hardcover, luxury clothes, villas, etc. More textures, stitching infinity, complete style.


            路易斯 | RD189P001A | 900x1800mm


            The high-grade ash of royal art, calm and steady, soft and elegant, highly restores the charm of the royal palace's precious stone. In its decorative space, people feel the noble but not extravagant, simple but not unique charm.


            鱼肚白 | RD241204  | 1200x2400mm


            Pure white gives it the singular beauty, white purity, elegant gray, sophisticated atmosphere, light and elegant. “Fish belly white” has a rich matching style in the decorative space, which is applied to the wall surface and presents a coherent sense of unity and extension.


            国色天香 | RD241203  | 1200x2400mm


            The ink flowing in the gradient gradually spreads out on the white brick surface, alternating black and white, interpenetrating and integrating into each other. It is like a long scroll of vast mountains and rivers. It reflects the elegant flowing feeling in the subtlety and has a unique charm.



            600 x1200mm tile is suitable for both wall and ground,which makes it become a well-deserved fashion king among building materialsindustry. (Xiaoman has introduced the paving and pasting mechanism for 600x1200mm in the previous chapter, please go and have a check if you did not viewit yet. :) Whether it's the interior decoration of a family home or the crazyexpansion of business space, it's more satisfying for the younger generation tohave a wider view and a stronger sense of fashion..


            斯卡布罗 | M126P921A-H | 600X1200mm


            "Scarborough Market" with a bit of sad love songs, mixed into love, sometimes full of romantic feelings, sometimes filled with a trace of melancholy love life portrayal, in the romantic space layout of the home to get a strong echo.



            Wood-grained bricks give the space a unique artistic beauty and cultural charm with its natural simplicity, clear and elegant texture and style. As a decorative material for the wall, it can bring out a unique calm style in both mix and match. .


            知秋 | RMW12665+RMW12661-A | 200x1200mm


            The elegant and meticulous "Knowing Autumn" always allows us to experience the most simple and pure emotions in urban life. The small square combination flower tile is applied to the wall, which instantly makes the wall surface active and active. The wood grain flower piece is used ingeniously as a background wall, which shows the wisdom of the occupants and the indifference of the elegant space style.


            格林童话 | RMW12293 | 200x1200mm


            Wake up every day in the natural "Greece Fairytale" bedroom, from dreams to come true.


            加州阳光| RMW91571 | 150x900mm


            Modern and fashionable silver gray "California Sunshine", although the wood color is simple and simple, but the most long-lasting, most life charm, each texture records the beautiful memories of the years, giving a quiet, long-distance feeling.



            Modern antique bricks should be used to break the limitations of classic antique bricks and mediocrity. Through the light new life design, the products are paved in various ways, and can be laid on the wall to create a modern space with unique personality.


            蒂斯卡瓦 | RF12671+RF12671-A2 | 600x1200mm


            The "Tiskava" tile made up of small squares with a patchwork pattern has a strong sense of three-dimensionality. It is applied to the wall and visually senses the beauty of the design of modern antique bricks, presenting a space with stylish personality and taste. effect.


            蒂斯卡瓦 | RF126674 | 600x1200mm


            The calm and atmospheric 600x1200mm specification "Tiscava", with a multi-faceted stone, is tiled with the simplest whole, bringing the simplest and straightforward antique charm, simple, stylish and durable.