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          1. 【总部分享】产品赋能,定见未来:企业董事长刘胜红应邀出席2018中国陶瓷砖行业高峰论坛
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            The rest of the world is king. Ceramic industry competition and shuffle has entered the fast lane, brand concentration is increasing, the polar watershed has been formed. In this fine era, the product can become the current leading ceramic industry development ideas coordinate.



            On the afternoon of Aug. 28, 2018, Ceramics Information and Tao Wei Network jointly held the 2018 China Ceramic Tile Industry Summit Forum with the theme of "enabling products and seeing the Future" to explore the ways to study the future development. Among the keynote speakers were Liu Shenghong, chairman of Romantic Enterprise, Gong Zhiyun, President of Dongpeng Holdings Group, founder of Kujiale and CEO Chen Hang, and other well-known enterprise leaders and industry experts.



            Liu Shenghong: good afternoon, everyone. Today I am talking about innovation and the fate of enterprises.

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            The current ceramic industry is crying, one is environmental pressure, the other is the market depression, it is a great test for ceramic enterprises. But it is in such a difficult situation, some brands rise against the trend, imported brands are also increasing, why would this happen? I think this is inseparable from the innovation mechanism of each enterprise, innovation determines the fate of the enterprise.



            I have been in the ceramic industry for 30 years, and these 30 years have witnessed the rise and fall of many enterprises. In 1988, I graduated from South China University of Technology and distributed to the Buddha Pottery Group, when the Buddha Pottery Group became popular all over the world. The reason Foshan has "ceramic capital" is because of Buddha pottery group. And the bondage of the state-owned system, after the achievement, the private enterprise advances by leaps and bounds at this time, the most outstanding representative is Dongping factory leaps into the Dongpeng group. And the new pearl, Mona Lisa's success is because of the mechanism innovation, the product innovation but surpasses the Buddha pottery, the Buddha Tao can only withdraw completely from the market.


            当时东平厂和佛陶下面的陶瓷工厂机制基本类似,但东平厂抓住新产品研发,当时极具代表性的抛光产品“金花米黄”引领市场,多年无人超越,所以说,市场也给了东鹏丰厚的回报,一跃成为行业一线品牌。马可波罗也是如此,当时东莞的一个小厂,抓住了仿古砖的机遇,第一个把仿古砖引进中国,几年时间从默默无闻的小厂,成为了今天行业航母,这是行业奇迹,也是对马可波罗创新产品给予的应有回报。简一、 诺贝尔等知名企业的成长与成功,无不与他们企业创新机制,产品息息相关。

            At that time, the mechanism of the ceramics factory under Dongping and Buddha pottery was basically similar, but Dongping factory seized on the development of new products. At that time, the most representative polishing product, "Golden Flower Rice Yellow," led the market, and no one had surpassed it for many years, so it said, The market also gave Dongpeng rich returns, leaps into the industry line brand. The same was true of Marco Polo. At that time, a small factory in Dongguan seized the opportunity of imitating ancient bricks. It was the first one to introduce antique bricks into China. In a few years, from a small factory in obscurity to an aircraft carrier in today's industry, this was an industry miracle. It is also a return to Marco Polo's innovative products. The growth and success of famous enterprises such as Jane and Nobel In 2008, all with their enterprise innovation mechanism, products are closely linked.



            Every enterprise has its unique temperament. If an enterprise has no characteristics, it is very difficult to survive for a long time, just like the blood in the human body, if the blood can not be renewed, people will die.



            Take our enterprises as an example. Romantic Enterprises (the Romantic Ceramic brand, the Elizabeth Ceramic brand) started relatively late and relatively small, starting from a small factory (the second Buddha Pottery Factory) contracted by the Buddha pottery official kiln at that time. At that time, the production equipment was relatively backward. Are 70 meters of small kilns, so we can only according to the characteristics of the kiln to make the smallest specification of niche products. For example, 300-300 solid color bricks are all molds developed by ourselves. Up to now, more than 30 patented mould products have been created in appearance design, and good economic benefits have been obtained.



            On the other hand, some enterprises that imitated our patented products, such as Hunan and Fujian factories have all closed down, and the Jiaojiang factory does not know the way forward, so the imitation cannot be copied out of the brand. The brand is created, is depends on the innovation product innovation mechanism to speak. A brand without a good product can only be called a brand. A brand is a brand of taste, and no brand without taste.



            In 2015, our enterprise transformed successfully, because of our own continuous upgrading and innovation in technology research and development, we combined the mold technology with inkjet technology, and extended this innovative technology process to the different specifications of mould products such as 300-600 300-800,600-1200, etc. So far has created more than 30 patented products.



            Looking back at Jiangxi enterprises, Jiajiang enterprises are becoming more and more difficult because they have no creativity at all, they are just imitating Foshan products, and even packing boxes have to be typed in Foshan. Foshan is famous because a large number of innovative enterprises have pushed the industry forward. Ten years ago, Jane's marble tile overturned the whole polished tile industry, and now marble tile sales account for 50% of the market share of the industry.



            In July 2016, when our company first launched 300 * 800 ceramic wall tiles, others questioned, this specification is not available in the world, 400 * 800, 300 * 900, Romantic why do 300 * 800?


            当时我们认为300*800更接近黄金比例分割,更美观,更修长,可以拉大整体空间感官。当时一些进口品牌300*900规格很有名气, 但是我们觉得一个企业自己研发出的规格要更美观、更自然,更舒服,就会受到客户喜欢??突紫仁蔷醯貌访拦鄄呕峁刈?,然后再问规格和价格,设计的空间质感 。我们在模具、花色研发上花费了大量时间研究最时尚的图案。在花色上也大胆采用了简约时尚风格,在底坯上,不用传统模具的底坯,采用瓷质坯底,也获得终端消费者的认可。

            At that time, we thought that the 300s 800 was closer to the golden proportion, more beautiful, more slender, can expand the overall spatial sense. At that time some imported brands were famous for their 300-900 specifications, but we felt that the specifications developed by an enterprise itself would be more beautiful, natural and comfortable, and would be liked by customers. Customers first think the product will be attractive, and then ask specifications and prices, design space texture. We spend a lot of time researching the most fashionable patterns in mold, design and development. In the design and color of the bold use of simple fashion style, in the bottom billet, do not use the traditional mold of the bottom billet, mining With porcelain billet base, also get terminal consumer's approval.



            Enterprises have the core competitiveness of the products, there will be market competitiveness. Only enterprises that insist on innovation will have a bright future. I hope our Chinese enterprises should learn from the Italian enterprises, give strength together, persist in innovation, adhere to the original, jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of Foshan ceramics industry, and create a better future for Foshan ceramics.



            Chairman Liu Shenghong, chairman of Romantic Enterprise Liu Shenghong, as a family member of a deeply felt enterprise in the industry, has clearly pointed out the importance of innovation to the enterprise, called for the protection of intellectual property rights and maintained the industry's ecology, and at the same time faced every setback. In the rapidly changing era of fierce competition, change, upgrade, catch up has been in the road.